What our clients think about us?

We have no hesitation in recommending other businesses engage Slonim Consulting to conduct a Health Check on their banking relationships.

David Spiers, CFO Beacon Lighting Ltd

Neil Slonim was successfully engaged by Epworth to assist it to determine the optimal banking structure which best suited Epworth’s needs and then to evaluate, negotiate, recommend and implement a new banking package which met those needs.

Alan Kinkade, Group CEO Epworth Healthcare

Having a banker in our corner who understands banks and speaks their language helped us obtain significantly higher funding limits on more flexible and cost competitive terms. Neil Slonim has become a highly valued specialist external advisor to our Group.

Tim Menting, CFO Valcorp Group

Having Neil as part of the team gives us the confidence that our banking arrangements and relationships are optimised thereby protecting and enhancing returns for our investors.

Harry Rosenberg, Director Quintessential Equity

Neil conducted a Health Check on our banking relationship and the output from this review has been crucial in enabling us to optimise our group’s banking arrangements going forward. His knowledge of how banks think and operate has proved invaluable and his personal relationships with key banking decision makers have also assisted our standing as a client.

Adam Agosta, Director Bamfa Property Group

Neil is extremely well connected in Melbourne’s business circles and he has worked extensively with many large private family groups over the years. This experience combined with his knowledge of our family business philosophies and the personal relationships he has built with each family member has enabled him to become a highly valued and trusted family business advisor.

Joe Catalfamo, Chairman Tasman Group

He conducted an informal tender process with four banks including the incumbent. Neil demonstrated his understanding of banks and banking and represented us in a dispassionate and professional manner. We will call on Slonim Consulting again if we want advice on our banking arrangements.

John Frederick, Managing Director Midway Limited

Neil has become a trusted advisor and we consider ourselves fortunate to have him on our team. His vast banking experience allows him to accurately predict how the bank would respond to various scenarios. He communicates with the bank on a “banker to banker basis”.

Steven Hallis, Managing Director Hallis Recruitment

All family businesses need to be able to identify and rely on independent, experiences and trustworthy advisors and we feel fortunate that Neil Slonim performs that role for Deasil Management Group and our family

Philip Weinman, Chairman, Deasil Group

We found Neil Slonim of Slonim Consulting whose knowledge of banks, bankers and banking practices was invaluable in guiding us through a challenging period as we sought to change banks. Working with Neil has shown us that our banking relationship is a key Risk Management issue that must be continually and actively managed.

Julian Edwards, CEO Object Consulting Pty Ltd

Neil’s extensive banking background has proved invaluable in enabling us to better communicate key aspects of the business and the industry to our bankers. And because they now have a much deeper understanding of our business and industry our bank was willing to provide increased financial support whilst also relaxing its security requirements.

Jeremy Rich, CEO Energy Matters

As a business owner, I need to supplement internal capability with external expertise from time to time. Banking is one area where this is particularly important. I can thoroughly recommend Neil Slonim as the consultant to use for thorough, relevant and effective banking advice.

Robert Dindas, Managing Director Dindas Australia

Neil Slonim has a rare blend of skills in the banking and finance areas. I would not hesitate in recommending Neil in the fields of commercial loans and investment practices to any other practitioner seeking expert opinion evidence.

Rob Jackson, Principal, M+K Lawyers

In the current economic environment it is not easy for businesses like ours to get support from banks but we have been fortunate in having Neil Slonim on our side. His knowledge of how banks work and his connections with the banks have enabled us to establish a relationship with a new bank which understands and supports our business.

Steve Chapman, Managing Director, Pops Tomato Sauce

The benefit of having a former senior banking executive on our team in the aftermath of the GFC cannot be overstated. Neil has been a tremendous asset in helping us navigate a path with our bankers to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for our investors.

Andrew Patrick, Managing Director, Key Capital

The Board and individual members have come to rely on and appreciate Neil's insights and wise counsel on issues including governance, risk and succession planning.

Domenic Pulitano, Chairman Pulitano Group